NASA Just Confirms : Voyager 1 Was Just Impacted By Unidentified Force In Deep Space


The Voyager Missions of 1977 were nothing short of revolutionary. Launching two spacecraft into the vast unknown, these probes had no precedent and would make history by bringing us to the furthest reaches of our understanding while introducing us to a world full of mystery and discovery.

With each step they took, the Voyager Missions made history.

The two Voyagers trekked through our solar system and beyond, unlocking secrets that had remained hidden for centuries, and well, they’ve just brought us another one. Scientists have just confirmed another one of the Voyager’s discoveries, and well, it might just change everything we’ve known about space so far! Join us as we dig deeper into what the discovery is, and the impact is might have on us, and the world of science as a whole.

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