For the first time, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has seen distinctly the « tenth planet »

NASA Just Confirms Tenth Planet Discovery & You Can See It In The Sky!

For the first time, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has seen distinctly the « tenth planet »
Though previous ground-based observations suggested that Xena‘s diameter was about 30 percent greater than Pluto

« Hubble is the only telescope capable of getting a clean visible-light measurement of the actual diameter of Xena, » said Mike Brown, planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif. Brown’s research team discovered Xena, officially cataloged as 2003 UB313, and its results have been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.

Only a handful of images were required to determine Xena’s diameter. Located 10 billion miles from Earth with a diameter a little more than half the width of the United States, the object is 1.5 pixels across in Hubble’s view. That’s enough to make a precise size measurement.

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