Urgent !!! NASA’s Warning About The Most Extreme Explosion in the Universe


Somewhere out there in the Milky Way Galaxy is a huge star that is nearing the final stages of its life, astronomers named it ‘Betelgeuse’

There was a strange rumor started in 2022 that the massive star was going to go supernova any day. Some bought telescopes to catch a glimpse of the explosion, but others were frightened and began looking for shelter in case the supernova turned out to be dangerous for Earth.

One star-gazer even opened a 24-hour live stream on YouTube showing and recording the patch of sky where Betelgeuse can be seen. The broadcast went on day after day. But here it is 2023, and nothing has happened!

So what’s going on, and when could Betelgeuse explode? When it does, could there be deadly consequences for the Earth and its inhabitants?

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