Something Weird Is Happening Above CERN No One Can Explain!


In 2016, a series of photographs taken over Geneva barely ten days after scientists reopened the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) caught strange clouds in the sky. People were quick to believe that the jaw-dropping photographs were proof that CERN was establishing a portal to another universe. Were the scientists working at CERN really trying to uncover the mysteries of the universe, or were they really just unlocking the gates to hell? Even in the present day, many individuals continue to maintain that CERN is covering up another secret or conspiracy. After being closed for three years due to renovations and maintenance, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) reopened early this year. It would appear that beams have been circulating in the accelerator since April, and they are now stable enough to allow for testing to proceed at higher energy levels than they have ever been tested at before, with a run time of more than four years. As a direct consequence of this, widespread fear is spreading over social media. Every year, strange discoveries are made, and even though the majority of these can be explained, some of these encounters leave the eyewitnesses with more questions than answers, and this is exactly what happened to one man who captured this close to the Large Hadron Collider: he was left with more questions than answers. What did this individual manage to photograph, and what are the researchers at CERN actually working on? Stay with us until the very end to learn everything there is to know about the strange story of this man! Physicists,at,CERN,have,just,announced,the,Large,Hadron,Collider,made,incredible,discovery,large hadron collider,large hadron collider in action,large hadron collider sound,large hadron collider results,large hadron collider documentary,large hadron collider explained,large hadron collider higgs boson,large hadron collider latest news,large hadron collider discoveries,Scientists At The Large Hadron Collider Have Just Made A Big Announcement,Large Hadron Collider news,cern

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